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Step into your POWER! Its TIME!

Step into your POWER! Its TIME!

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Step into your POWER. It’s time! is a  book that will speak to all who value self-discovery and self-love. If fear, doubt & your flaws have been a driving force in your life, this book will aid in releasing those holds on yourself.  Qui pours all of her experiences in own her life & the many experiences from other women into this slim book. Slim but POWER PACKED! 

This book is for a reader trying to get in deeper touch with their authentic self. Qui advocates toughening up, understanding that you must make self love your top priority and getting intimately familiar with your shortcomings, so you can focus on what you truly want to out of life. This book is about letting go of expectations, learning to love yourself the way you are, and in doing so, how you can live a more fulfilled life stepping into YOUR POWER!

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